Data center backup solutions

Simplify protection for complex environments.

Data center environments are complex

That's why so many IT pros deploy multiple backup methods. And often they deploy backup software and solutions from more than one vendor. It's a lot to manage, and IT budgets and staff are strained as a result.

Simplicity is a good thing

With Carbonite business backup solutions, you get flexible deployment options and multi-platform support. We simplify the managing and monitoring of backups so you can focus on other initiatives.

Many platforms, one partner

Carbonite provides a single-vendor solution for complex data center environments. We even offer high availability solutions for mission-critical workloads that require near-zero downtime.

Talk to our experts about your data center backup requirements. We'll tailor a data protection solution that's right for you.

Customer testimonials

"Now that we have Carbonite Hybrid Backup, we can restore files within minutes. It’s really that quick."

“Carbonite Cloud Backup gives me confidence that we won’t lose critical data.”

Protect your data center

Carbonite backup software and solutions work together or separately and can be scaled as needed. You get a data center backup solution that fits your infrastructure, operating environment and recovery needs.

Carbonite Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is part of a comprehensive data protection plan. Protect physical and virtual systems in the cloud with end-to-end encryption.

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Carbonite Onsite Backup

Onsite backup allows you to protect a separate copy of your system at your primary data center and across multiple locations. The entire solution is onsite and can be deployed at one or many sites.

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Carbonite Availability

Continuous replication of your IT systems on standby, ready for failover 24x7.

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Pro tips for backing up large datasets

A strong backup strategy must also address recovery. Explore these best practices and pro tips for creating a recovery-first approach to big backups.

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Carbonite: Complete Data Protection

Data protection often seems like a clash between competing interests: the need to protect data, against the need to protect access to data. The challenge lies in deploying the right protection across the different systems and types of data, since they each require different forms of protection.

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One telecom cut annual costs in half when they adopted a new backup strategy.

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of surveyed organizations rated Carbonite server backup reliability as better than the competition.
-Research by TechValidate

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Talk to our experts about your data center backup requirements. We'll tailor a solution that's right for you.
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